Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whats Up

Work has been very slow. Haven't had a 40 hour work week this year. I have managed to make some overtime to make up for it. The weather has been cool and rainy here in Va Beach. My daughter just had her tonsils taken out this past week. She is doing OK. Gets to eat all the good stuff. All the ice cream and Popsicles she wants. My work has let go of a bunch of employees but the say our service positions are safe. I sure hope so. I feel for all the folks out of work. Times are tough for allot right now. Haven't blogged in a while. My son and I went deer hunting twice in December with our bows. Didn't get anything. Went on public land and really went to see what we could see and get familiar with the area. My first time hunting in years. Man it felt good to get out in the woods again. We are going to try turkey hunting in April. My first time turkey hunting in Va. We are going to do some scouting in March. We again are tring a new area because we now there aren't any turkeys' where we went deer hunting.
We just got some new pigs in our family. My son and daughters guinea pigs both left us and she has been wanting new ones so to keep her company after she had the tonsils out we went out and found a couple of new additions. I will add some pics later

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just talk

Well I just never seem to have time to blog. Or I just fall asleep in the chair, ask my wife she'll tell you. I seem to do that every night. Just got off back to back 75+ hour work weeks and even though that was three days ago I am still dragging. Can't take all those hours like I used to. And uncle SAM sure likes those long weeks OUCH he sure gets his. Seems the more I work the less I make. Can't get a break. And our electric bill went up 18% beginning this summer. Of coarse they pick the highest month of the year to hit you with that one. I know I am complaining but Just when you think your getting ahead they hit you. I am still working on the bug. Slow but sure. When I took off the old frame head, that's the piece that holds the front suspension on the car. The tunnel that goes back to the main chassis was cracked so I had to fix that. But now the frame head is On and I will post more pics when I get a chance.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Working all the time

So I have been working alot. Had over 40 hours OT this past week. Iwas so tiered the other night that when my work radio went off. I got up and answered the home phone then stood there looking at my radio like is it really ringing. Got back in bed with sitting there on my night stand ringing again. Then got up and took it in the pot with me and answered it. I don't know what they thought when I flushed but man I am wore out. No time to work on the bug. Maybe next week.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well after getting the wrong pan section and e-mailing and calling for two weeks. I finally was able to get them to send the correct pan section. As you can see the ones they sent me were to short. They were trying to tell me they send out tons of them and just use it, it will work fine. I sent them this pic and they said whats wrong? Well the new one is on the way and I will start putting them in soon.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sissy and me camping

We took a little break from things and went camping. Sissy and I went to a local state park on the Chesapeake Bay. The weather was good and water was perfect. She wore me out and I couldn't wait to take a nap. Sissy got up early and stayed up late. She went all day. Swimming right after breakfast was fun. The tide was out and the water was waist deep for about 50 yards. We swam till lunch and then went on a four mile walk through the woods. Came back and my dear wife and middle son came and we went swimming again. I was spent and couldn't wait to go to bed. The locust were so noisy all night and it was just hot. So I got about 3 hours of sweaty noisy sleep and up again. Couldn't wait to get home and in the AC.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Taking the Rust Bucket apart

Here are a few pics of the tear down. We have taken it completely apart. I wasn't kidding. The more I take apart the more I think my loving wife just wants it gone. When I pulled the engine it was sitting in the driveway and someone called the city on me for a nonoperational car in the yard. So to my loving wife's regret I cleared out the garage and the bug moved in. It has been a slow process and she is getting over it being there, I think. The project this week is my loving wife's car. Not paying attention to her van it ran low on oil and spun a rod bearing so that is keeping me busy. Since I work about 70 hours a week there isn't allot of time to work on things. My neighbors don't like me working on things late making all that noise. Most of them get up at 4 or 5 for work and want there beauty sleep.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The tear down

I am going to try an add a slide show of the tear down of the bug. I am not to swift on the computer, but I am goint to give it a try. My kids and Loving wife are trying to help me so we'll see how it goes.